The village is nestled in a wooded valley on the outskirts of the hamlet, surrounded by jagged slopes and terraces with thousands of trees. The village is a great spot for nature lovers and those who enjoy hiking, as there are plenty of trails in the area. There are also several restaurants and cafes in the village, as well as a supermarket and a few small shops.

It is also one of the finest resorts for cross-country skiing, in addition to alpine skiing. The resort is situated in the heart of the White Mountains. The area receives an average of 200 inches (508 cm) of snowfall each year, making it one of the snowiest places in North America.

The resort offers a wide variety of accommodation options, from hotel rooms and suites to condos and apartments.

Laqlouq is a popular ski resort that mostly attracts families. In 1958, the first ski lift was built there, followed by significant improvements to the slopes and the establishment of a highly trained skiing school.

Horseback riding, biking, swimming, archery, ATVing, tennis, paintball, an adventure park are just a few of the activities available during the summer.

Unlike other places, there are almost no buildings or construction in the immediate vicinity of the slopes.